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Speed ​​loans with minimal documentation

Speed ​​is a virtue, especially when it comes to credits. Each of us wants to solve our financial problems as quickly as possible and with as few complications as possible. Speed ​​loans are the simplest solution in an emergency without having to interfere with your family or friends. In a safe and discreet way you can cover a minor financial crisis.

Credit companies that know how the market is breathing are among the first to recognize this. They have introduced in their offer speed loans and fast loans online for which the client applies through the Internet and only submits basic documentation, namely the contract and a copy of the identity card and current account.

Why speed loans

Why speed loans

Speed ​​loans are intended for all those who need a quick payout and have regular payday or retirement income on their account. However, when choosing credit houses, it should be remembered that they do not have all the approval of the Croatian National Bank. Before deciding on this step, they should be thoroughly researched.

Banks have a slightly different approach and offer instant loans in the spirit of instant solutions through which it is possible to borrow money directly from an ATM. This is the so-called. mini-loans that are repaid in installments at a one-time fee. This option is extremely popular because it looks like an overdraft or a down payment, with the basic difference being that they borrow significantly less money and pay a one-time fee. This type of speed loan is intended to deal with urgent and unpredictable life situations.

Speed ​​Credit Card Loans


The range of speed loans also includes cash microcredits per card. They are paid into the account free of charge and are intended exclusively for credit card users. The amounts are in accordance with the client’s receipts, but do not exceed the amount of USD 20-25 thousand. The advantage of this type of speed loan is that it is repaid in monthly annuities along with other expenses the client incurs on the credit card. Most often it is approved without limit and security instruments and without payment of loan approval fee. This means that the client does not need to pledge his real estate, vehicle or artwork.

This type of speed loan takes care of the regularity of payments and regular payments, and the bank, unlike other types of loans, does not check the creditworthiness of the client. The payout, on average, comes as early as the next day after you apply.

Microcredits for quick solutions to financial problems

Speed ​​loans include microcredit, which means less money. They are paid out in an extremely short period of time and are intended for people in unpredictable situations. It is recommended for all those who are looking for a quick way out of short-term financial difficulties without any bureaucratic conundrums and complications.

Non-purpose Speed ​​Loans

Non-purpose Speed ​​Loans

In addition to micro-credits and mini-loans on credit cards, non-interest rate loans were also among the fast loans. They, as the name implies, have no specific purpose. This means that the loan seeker can use them for any purpose. It is most often taken in emergencies such as sudden trips, sudden weddings and home repairs.

Non-purpose cash loans are repaid in monthly annuities, and the interest rate varies depending on the length of the repayment plan. Depending on the bank where the loan is taken, the interest rate may be fixed or variable.

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